Website Services

We have put together a compelling affordable website package aimed specifically at small businesses.

Many website suppliers will operate on the basis of a project, with a large fee to build you a website and then you will either need to find your own hosting support or they will provide you with a basic package. However, often you will be left with very little ongoing support and each time you want to make any changes you will have to find even more budget.

Our offering is different. We understand that a website is like a car, you cannot just buy one and then expect it to run forever without any maintenance. That is why we provide a contract approach instead, with a small up front build fee and then an ongoing affordable monthly payment that doesn’t only give you a website but also access to ongoing support for new content and design elements whenever you want it. Think of it like a mobile phone contract, with nothing else to pay except your ongoing plan.

The Service

We believe the website service we offer has everything you need for your business, at a price that is both affordable and practical.

We provide everything you will need:

  • Cloud Hosting to keep your site online all the time
  • Access to a dedicated portal for hosting and making changes to your website
  • Content support, so if you want to make changes to your site but don’t have the time then we will do it for you
  • Server Monitoring to check for any malicious activity
  • Daily Backups of your full site in case anything happens and you need to restore
  • SSL Certificates renewed regularly to keep your site safe
  • Security Pack installed to protect against hackers
  • Server Maintenance to keep hosting secure
  • Software Updates to keep your website running
  • License Renewals to make sure your features still work

We charge an initial fee to build your website. And every website is completely bespoke, you do not have to choose from a fixed template.

Once your site is built then you will have an ongoing monthly fee. This cost covers your complete support package and entitles you to the following:

  • Content support, so we will add any content for you whenever you need it
  • Design support, for any changes and additions you want to make
  • Technical support, to make sure your site is up to date with security patches and is regularly scanned to check for malware

You will signup to an initial 24 month contract, which after this initial period will then have a three-month rolling notice period. But if at any point you want to do a complete redesign of your site, then all you need to do is renew your contract for another 24 months and we will do it for free!

Never pay any big fees for a website build again!

How To Get Started

Get in touch by clicking here to send us a message and find out how we can help your business.

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