Employee Benefits

The OPTESS benefit portal is a communication platform that gives easy access to all of your staff benefits; creating increased awareness, better understanding and improved take up.

Working with employers, we are often able to create substantial savings which can be used to provide a range of benefits that are genuinely useful and appreciated. With everything easily accessible,  The OPTESS benefit portal ensures that people can see and understand their full range of benefits, over and above their basic earnings.

The OPTESS benefit portal includes a market-leading shopping discount platform and a range of voluntary benefits that provide people with big savings on their normal spending. In addition, it showcases any employer-provided benefits, such as the  group life assurance and medical cover.

The Service

The OPTESS benefit portal:

  • Is tailored to each employer.
  • Provides clear information on all your employee benefits.
  • Gives easy access to any forms, handbooks or guides that relate to each benefit.
  • Includes market-leading shopping discounts and lifestyle offers.
  • Provides access to a wide range of additional popular benefits.
  • Creates valuable tax-savings for both employers and employees.
  • Provides secure online storage, giving easy access to the documents that you use every day.