Auto Enrolment

Since 2012, automatic enrolment has become an essential part of being an employer. By law, if you employ staff, you must have a workplace pension and continue to assess your workers each pay period, as well as communicating with them regularly.

At OPTESS we realise that although auto-enrolment is a noble venture in terms of helping employees save for their retirement, it can also be a huge burden for employers. We help you to carry that burden by providing a number of services, ranging from keeping on top of all your ongoing duties on your behalf, to educating your workforce and answering any questions they have. We take the stress out of auto-enrolment, leaving you to get on with your job.

The Service

We know that for many employers, it’s not the idea of auto-enrolment that’s the issue, it’s the ongoing processing of it. The requirement to assess your staff each pay period, calculate their contributions and send them letters can be a real drain on your resources.

We can take that hassle completely off your plate. Just send us an email with your payroll details and we’ll assess your staff, run the calculations, and send you an email back with contributions you need to make. We’ll even generate auto-enrolment communications for your staff and send them directly to them by email, saving you the headache each time you run your payroll.

By taking on this regular responsibility, we can free up your time to let you do what you do best. We’ll do our job and let you do yours.

Did you know that in the UK, more than a third of employees don’t know how to access their pension pots? Did you know that one in five are simply ‘not bothering’ with a pension at all? More and more, experts are calling for more education around pensions for employees.

Delivered either in person or via an online webinar, our presentations provide your employees with all the information they need on auto-enrolment and the options available to them. We answer their questions, so you don’t have to.

We’ve all heard the cliché that ‘a happy employee is a productive employee’ but the fact is that if your staff realised just how much you’re helping them, rather than just seeing that something is coming out of their pay check each month, they would be far more appreciative for the benefit you are providing them with. Our job is to communicate that to them, simply and clearly, as well as showing them that you care about them enough to give them the information they need.

A chance for your staff to sit down and ask about their pension scheme. This will include a detailed training session on their pension portal, showing them how to check their fund value and performance, appoint beneficiaries, and more. This is proven to increase your staff engagement with the pension scheme you provide for them, as well as reduce many questions you may receive from them in the future.

Whether it’s the Declaration of Compliance or the ‘Re-Declaration’ three years later, by law, you must complete a declaration to confirm to the Pensions Regulator who in your staff were automatically enrolled. Take the stress away and avoid fines by allowing a member of Opt to complete this on your behalf and feel secure that you’re compliant.

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