Privacy Policy

1. Introduction:

OPTESS is a business support services company. We pride ourselves on supporting employers with the everyday responsibilities of company ownership, management and monitoring, from setting up and maintaining websites to running the assessment for your auto-enrolment workplace pension. Read more about us following this link (

When this policy mentions “OPTESS”, “we”, “us”, “our” all of those terms refer to OPTESS LIMITED (company number: 10320894) with registered offices located at 6 Stratton Street, London, England, W1J 8LD.

The person responsible for data protection is Garry Crackle.
You can contact Garry Crackle by sending a message to the following address:

[email protected] or by calling the following phone number: 0203 633 6229.

2. Purpose of this policy:

The objective of this policy is to give clear indications on how OPTESS processes your personal data when you visit the website. It also gives information with regards to the way personal data is being processed when you submit a request to be contacted by us in the “contact us” section of our website.

3. Data protection laws:

We process your personal data in line with UK laws and regulations, more specifically The General Data Protection Regulation that will be effective on the 26th of May 2018.

4. Consent:

Under GDPR, consent should be given in a positive and affirmative way by individuals who share their personal data with us. According to the General Data Protection Regulation, consent means: “any freely given specific and informed indication of his wishes by which the data subject signifies his agreement to personal data relating to him being processed.”

When you submit your personal data on the website, you need to submit it along with your affirmative consent.

5. Personal data collected

We gather a certain amount of personal data from the website. The data that we collect is the data that you submit on the contact form in the “contact us” section of our website.

This data collected includes all of the following (as shown on the screen capture)

  • First name

  • Surname

  • Message

6. Data usage:

The data you provide helps us understand what you are looking for from the company and it helps us understand your needs so that we can provide you with appropriate information.
The following information details how we use the data that you have submitted to OPTESS through the “contact us” form:

  • Answer your query

  • Contact you with regards to the query you have submitted

  • Provide you advice corresponding to the needs you outlined in your query

  • Offer you services and products that are appropriate with regards to your needs

7. Third parties and overseas transfers:

When your personal data needs to be transferred to an overseas country that is not part of the EEA (European Economic Area), we will always ensure that there are adequate levels of protection and a similar legislation with regards to data protection. Each country might have different laws and regulations with regards to data protection, however we will always ensure that the country and/or organisation of destination always has appropriate measures in place to safeguard your data.

8. Data security safeguards

We have put in place several technical and organisational measures aimed at protecting the confidentiality, the integrity and the availability of your personal data.

All the endpoints of the company are protected with antivirus, anti-malware and firewall protection.

Encryption technology is in use to protect the integrity of the personal data we process. Encryption prevents data from being easily accessible and recoverable in the event of theft or computer misuse. A password policy is currently in place to ensure that the data stored on our systems is only accessible to authorised personnel. The passwords are changed on a regular basis.

We regularly make backups of our data to ensure that it is readily available in the event of technical problems or disaster recovery.

9. Your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation:

Under the GDPR, you have all the following rights:

  • The right to rectification

  • The right to access

  • The right to erasure

  • The right to restriction

  • The right to object

  • The right to lodge a complaint

In order to exercise those rights, please contact Mr Garry Crackle. You can contact Garry Crackle by sending a message to the following address: [email protected] or by calling the following phone number: 0203 633 6229.

10. Additional information:

If you have any questions with regards to this privacy policy, the way your data is handled or if you would like to exercise any of your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation, please contact Mr Garry Crackle.

12. The Information Commissioner’s Office

If you would like to learn more about the General Data Protection Regulation, you can visit the ICO’s website following this link:

You can also find an overview of the GDPR following this link:

In addition to all the information provided in this privacy policy, you can also find more in-depth information with regards to the right you have under the general data protection regulation following this link: protectionregulation-gdpr/individual-rights/


Website Privacy Policy version 2.0 Date: 27/03/2020

The General Data Protection Regulation might slightly be updated again before it becomes law in May 2018. We will make sure to update this privacy policy accordingly and in line with any amendments or modifications to the General Data Protection Regulation.

Our Message to You

Times are changing.

Your responsibilities are changing.

What it means to be an employer is changing, constantly.

We know you know this already, but have you ever actually stopped to think about how many responsibilities you have as an employer, besides the usual operating of your business? How much you have to do, just to stay on top of your duties?

In an ever-developing society, the list of responsibilities for a business continues to grow. As an employer, your duty is not only to pay your staff, but to protect them, take care of them and treat them fairly. We know how important it is to keep up with these duties, but we also know how hard it can be for you to balance these responsibilities with the ongoing running of their business. With business dynamics constantly in a state of flux, we know that the pressures of running a business can be huge.

As you know, we’ve been supporting you with your auto-enrolment for some time. But we wanted to go further. We’ve been hearing about your needs. After all, to talk about one employer responsibility is to talk about all of them and since we made ‘Supporting Employers’ our goal, we knew we needed to do more.

You’ve been talking…

                …so we’ve been listening.

We are very proud to announce


At OPTESS, our goal will be to provide you with all the tools you need to fulfil your employer responsibilities, leaving you to get on with the important stuff – running your business.

Now don’t worry, we’ll still be continuing with all our auto-enrolment support. Auto-enrolment is, and will always be, a key part of what we do (we hope you saw our recent communication about the updates we’re currently making to Root).  In addition to this, we will be providing you with a raft of new services, all designed to help you with the ongoing running of your business. These services are designed around your feedback, everything you’ve told us about the frustrations of being an employer in the UK. Over the next few months, we’ll be updating you on our new services, so stay tuned for more news.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support you have given us. It is only through your feedback and support that our new venture has been made possible. We hope to receive your continued support and that you will be as excited by our new services as we are. If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please let us know on 0203 633 6229 or [email protected].  

We’ll be in touch again soon.

Kind Regards,